Decantus Connoisseur 6-Piece Set

The all-in-one, 6-piece Wine Aerating and Decanting System includes the DECANTUS Deluxe aerator & base, sediment screen, velvet storage pouch, cleaning brush, and table stand


The "Rolls Royce" of the Decantus™ product line including the table stand. Specifically designed for upscale restaurants who want to give their customers a new and better wine experience - as Decantus™ enhances wine’s flavor and bouquet in seconds! Decantus™ Connoisseur is also very popular among wine lovers and a gift for any occasion.

The all-in-one, 6 piece Wine Aerating and Decanting System includes the Decantus™ Elite decanter with stand, sediment filter, cleaning brush, storage bag and stand.


The DECANTUS Connoisseur SET includes:

Decantus Aerator & base Decantus Aerator & base Sediment filter cleaning brush Velvet Storage Pouch

Table Stand

Aerator & Base

Velvet Storage


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